With Cogent's Ethernet Point-to-Point solution, you can build your own private connection between any two points on our network*, transporting data from Point A to Point B to Point C at the speed of light, safely and securely. These pathways of communication are your personal way to connect privately on business that is of most importance to you and your organization.

Cogent owns and operates 41 data centers located in North America and Europe. These data centers provide you with a very safe and cost-effective way to connect to the Internet via Cogent's Tier 1 Optical backbone. Your dedicated connection can be used for a variety of purposes from disaster recovery to having the ability to provide your customers with the best possible performance regardless of where your office is physically located. 

Cogent's end-to-end optical network consists of multiple metropolitan IP-over-WDM fiber rings located in Cogent's major markets throughout the United States and Europe. Cogent currently has a presence in over 155 markets throughout North America and Europe. Cogent's network provides each building or data center with up to 80 Gbit/s of dedicated bandwidth. Layer 3 edge routers in each building are connected to Cisco Layer 3 Terabit core routers over two diverse optical paths. 

We provide colocation services in 41 Cogent-owned Data Centers in North America and Europe. Services include rack space, power, helping hands, state-of-the-art environmental controls and, of course, full connectivity services (Internet Access and Point-to-Point). Search below for a complete list of our Data Center locations.

Cogent has strategically located points of presence throughout Europe and North America to enable businesses to connect to high quality, dedicated bandwidth at some of the lowest prices available in the world today. The optical technology behind Cogent's data only network provides significant amounts of bandwidth at costs that are 99% less than networks that carry both voice and data.

Cogent's superior network architecture and virtually unlimited bandwidth enable us to offer impressive network performance, as exemplified below. These statistics are actual performance metrics and are updated monthly.

This Looking Glass provides you with information relative to backbone routing and network efficiency, providing you with the same transparency that customers on our network receive directly.

Cogent Communications prides itself on superior customer service. Below are some questions that are frequently asked of our support team. Scroll down to review all the questions and their corresponding answers.

Cogent Communications prides itself on superior customer service. We are available to you 24 hours a day. Please make sure to have your Customer Account Number ready for your call or include it in the subject line of any e-mail you send. We appreciate your business!

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Cogent is a multinational Tier 1 Internet service provider consistently ranked as one of the top five networks in the world. Our primary service offering consists of Internet access and data transport, offered over our award-winning fiber optic, IP data-only network, along with colocation in any of our 41 Internet Data Centers. We service two customer segments: "Corporate" (small businesses to Fortune 100 companies) and "NetCentric" (access providers and content providers whose businesses rely primarily on Internet access).

Cogent started operations in 1999. Since then, it has dynamically expanded to become a top five global service provider in over 155 major markets and 29 countries.

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