Cogent Helps CDN77 Scale and Expand to New Markets


CDN77 is a content delivery network provider used by over 45,000 websites worldwide. Based in London, UK, CDN77 is considered a top player in the industry, as well as an innovation leader, being first to market with http/2 support and Brotli compression. Their customers range from large eCommerce websites to Video-On-Demand platforms and live streaming channels. One of the common factors for all of these customers in choosing a CDN platform is network performance, so milliseconds really matter.

As CDN77 grew, they realized they needed a Tier 1 network with a global infrastructure and connectivity to all important ISPs that could easily handle their rapidly increasing demand for bandwidth. Ultimately, CDN77 chose Cogent because of the high throughput rate and peak stability. Cogent’s flexibility and ability to raise the MTU cap above 1500 bytes enabled CDN77 to expand their services and better satisfy their customers.

Currently, CDN77 is using Cogent for IP Connectivity – upstream and downstream data transmission for their Content Delivery Network. In addition, they are using Cogent’s network to route their anycast prefix.

The Cogent network has allowed CDN77 to scale their business, as well as expand into previously untapped markets due to the breadth of the network. The company has found Cogent’s technical support, when needed, to be highly capable and responsive, and overall coming out on top when compared with other providers. All of these factors have helped Cogent become one of CDN77’s most valuable business partners.


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