Bandwidth boundaries eliminated for a content intensive web site

WunderGround.com (Content Provider / San Francisco, CA USA) is a classic example of how Cogent bandwidth has enabled a service that otherwise would be cost prohibitive.

For over 10 years, Wunderground has been providing in-depth weather services to the general population, including the distribution of real-time and location-specific forecasts. Each year the company took advantage of the latest resources and expanded their website to include zip codes searches, weather warnings and advisories, and high resolution satellite imagery. But with each new addition to their site, they required more and more bandwidth.

Ultimately, the company found itself making painful online concessions, eliminating or scaling back features that were too demanding. They took steps to scour their entire Web site, reducing the color and size of every icon, removing a majority of their online imagery and optimizing everything possible. This impacted one of their most comprehensive, yet largest bandwidth online features, their Animated Radar product, a favorite among site visitors. But there was no alternative at the time, as bandwidth was a major expense for the company, second only to salaries.

Everything changed when they contracted with Cogent for bandwidth. Suddenly, the sky was the limit. They immediately saw a difference, not only because of the additional bandwidth, but also because it was dedicated and non-oversubscribed. Immediately they were able to restore old Web site features and make plans to add new bandwidth-intensive capabilities--without compromising the speed of their network or site.

They were back in business!

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