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Para prestarle un mayor servicio, Cogent ofrece a sus clientes un portal de cliente eCogent.

eCogent provides a range of features, such as accounting / billing, customer support (helpdesk tickets, DNS/SMTP changes, IP/BGP requests), contact management, etc.

Go to eCogent

Please note that eCogent is available to current Cogent customers only. If you are a current Cogent customer visiting eCogent for the first time, please follow the link to eCogent and you will be guided through user registration and activation.

Our Canadian customers are kindly invited to follow this link for access to Cogent SHAREweb and Cogent SHAREcall online portals.

All customers can also access our Network Status Page at any time to monitor current network status.

Atención al Cliente

Cogent Communications

Cogent es uno de los operadores de Internet más grandes del mundo, ofreciendo servicios de Internet, Ethernet y Colocación de alta calidad, a más de 88.100 clientes Empresariales y NetCentric, en 207 ciudades y 47 países, a través de su red IP óptica de próxima generación.

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