Cogent Powered Buildings

Is your building Cogent powered? Only the largest and most prestigious commercial buildings in the United States and Canada were selected for connection to Cogent's next-generation network, consistently ranked as one of the top 5 networkscogent.powered.building in the world. A typical Cogent powered building is a Class A office building with more than 600,000 square feet, located in the central business district of a major metropolitan market.

When your building is connected to Cogent fiber, tenants enjoy the valuable amenity of ultra-high bandwidth offered at radically low prices. In addition to the substantial price savings, they also enjoy rapid service installation--typically in 8 days or less. That's three times faster than what traditional, copper-based telephone companies can offer.

Prospective tenants often go to great lengths to seek Cogent service and will consider leasing space only in Cogent Powered Buildings. As the Internet becomes more critical to everyday business operations, tenants have become dependent on their Cogent service.

"Our building is scheduled for demolition at some point in the next couple of years, so having Cogent in a given building would increase our interest in relocating there."

C. Eric Kirkland, Ph.D.

University of Management and Technology

A Cogent powered building gives property owners, managers and leasing agents a tremendous advantage. Find out if you're in a Cogent Powered Building by using our Service Locations page.

Services Provided in Cogent Powered Buildings

Promoting Cogent service as a tenant amenity can only increase the value of your office space. Cogent is pleased to assist you. We provide the following services to all Cogent powered buildings:

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